Teaching Brecht

Here are my slides and an accompanying YouTube video of me chatting away about Bertolt Brecht. Some of it might be of interest to those currently teaching and/or studying Brecht’s theatrical theory and practice.

I hope some of you find it to be of use!

Plus if you spot any “deliberate” mistakes please alert me in the comments below…

3 thoughts on “Teaching Brecht

  1. Enjoyed the slides. Is there a film of your presentation? I’d love to watch it. I’m moving into making films, (africanfuturist.com) and I’m keen on demanding that audiences think, I’m aware that all films first try to put you to sleep (create a dream experience) and tell you what to think or tell you not to think and I need idea tools to make my point. I worry a little that it seems to me that Brecht drama isn’t performed much. Is that cos it’s no fun or cos it’s a lot of fun but too dangerous for today? Anyway, if you have a moment, I’d love to have a chat. Always enjoyed a Martin debate.


    Say hi to Carrie and Lotte….

    Best wishes,


    Colin Charles



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