Trump and Johnny Rotten

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How to teach the punks

Punk means ‘a worthless person’ an identity John Lydon uses energetically and angrily. John Lydon voted for Trump.
Saying on GMB this week: “The liberal media assume “They know what’s best” “We’re bored with your intellectual left wing ideas,“Smart arsed know it all vs… thickos… ‘a basketful of deplorables’ who don’t agree with your liberal agenda…”

The ‘better’ educated are more likely to vote Liberal Left in the US and the UK – is it the liberalism that upset the punks? I think it matters not a jot what the ‘elite’ stand for – whether liberal or conservative it’s more about their condescending attitudes, It’s the arrogance of the academics that aggravates….

Not since Morrissey supporting ‘For Britain’ has a ‘pop star’ upset so many left-leaning people on Twitter who, I can only assume were either too young to remember him ‘back in the day’ or turned a blind eye to songs such as ‘Belsen was a Gas’ and the liberal use of the Swastika particularly by Lydon’s Rotten mate Sidney Vicious.

Lydon’s punk sensibility sticks two fingers up to the world. Especially to those who inform our media, our arts, schools, curriculum, part of what the philosopher Althusser called ‘the ideological state apparatus’, yes, Johnny, an ‘intellectual left wing idea’.

In a piece this week in the Times David Aaronovitch wrote: “I don’t want to be told what to think or feel about things, but I do want to learn about them.

What and How we teach matters.

Punks were always kicking against the pricks – in the 70’s it was the furious Mary Whitehouse types who wanted to ban everything.
Now it’s the liberals who ‘want to ban everything’.

It’s a case of ‘Hey Johnny, what are you rebelling against?’ ‘What’ve you got?’

Whether the politics, morality and ethics are conservative or liberal there will always be a number of people who don’t care what position you take, but do care that you try to stop other people feeling or thinking differently.
The more schools and the rest try to impose a certain view the harder the kick back from some will be…

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