The Socially-Mobile Curriculum

Curriculum Shorts (Some short musings about curriculum)

The thought that the only thing keeping the unwashed hordes from taking up positions at the highest echelons of society is a knowledge-rich curriculum is, somewhat, ludicrous. The idea that by learning a smattering of Latin, the history of kings and queens, Darwinian theories, and iambic pentameter the offspring of the poor downtrodden masses will find themselves in positions to Lord it over the rest is unlikely. Firstly, it hasn’t happened ((yet…) perhaps the lack of a growth mindset is what keeps the revolution at bay…) Secondly, if the theory is actually right, that curriculum will result in social mobility, then the curriculum has to be used strategically… in other words if the hoi-polloi are to receive their socially-mobile knowledge-rich curriculum then the fruit of the loins of their lords and masters need to have a curriculum that positively disadvantages them.

Unto the rich shall be the knowledge-poor curriculum.


I wrote here about how the myth of social mobility drives many an education aim.  

Social-mobility cannot be the aim for curriculum.

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