The Researcher and the Teacher: the slides

The Slides should be available here if I know how to do this sort of thing…

The Teacher and the Researcher



The reading behind this half thought through presentation came from the following books:

John Gray: Straw Dogs

Terry Eagleton: Culture and the Death of God

The article Slightly Overweight People Live Longer by Julian Baggini

and the radio programme: Everything We Know is Wrong


It might turn into a blog when I get everything clearer in my head!

2 thoughts on “The Researcher and the Teacher: the slides

  1. Ha! Looks like we delivered a very similar message and, with the exception of the Eagleton book, I’ve been influenced by the same sources: thanks for the Gray recommendation btw.

    Can I in return recommend Seeing Through Illusion by Richard L Gregory, Reckoning With Risk by Gerd Gigerenzer and Getting it Wrong from the Beginning by Kieran Egan.

    Cheers, DD


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