Remove Managerialism from the Classroom

Managerialism is the idea that quantifiable administrative approaches are the correct way to run institutions. Efficiency is all and it can sometimes be value free in that what works becomes more important than what’s right. Employees become pawns in the game of delivery and the idea of management as neutral and post-ideological holds sway. The sociologist Max … More Remove Managerialism from the Classroom

What Then?

When all kids have grit, what then? When every school is outstanding, what then? When every target is reached or surpassed, what then? When everyone’s mindset is switched to growth, what then? When all is meritocratic and we all get to where we ought to be, what then? When every twenty-first century skill has been … More What Then?

Where Did Education, Education, Education, Go Wrong?

In a speech on 23rd May 2001 Tony Blair made the following pronouncement: Our top priority was, is and always will be education, education, education. To overcome decades of neglect and make Britain a learning society, developing the talents and raising the ambitions of all our young people… In the past four years our teachers have … More Where Did Education, Education, Education, Go Wrong?