A Call for Competence!

Ss this too much to ask?


Do you remember the days when people voted Conservative because of economic competence, calmness in the face of a storm, ability to know what to do when faced with a crisis and an utter belief in the importance of tradition and the need for strong institutions, and a strong and United Kingdom?

Well, those days seem to belong to a bygone age.

Economically incompetent, panicking in the face of a storm, no idea what to do, pissing on institutions, breaking tradition and disuniting our Kingdom, these Conservatives have certainly broken away from anything that could be remotely classed as competent.

However, not to be outdone, Labour seems intent on trying to keep hold of the title of the most incompetent Party in Britain today.

What an absolute shower, a plague on both your houses!

Come back when you either know what you are doing or you have all resigned en-masseā€¦

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