Curricula, Curricula!

Summer Turner

I love curriculum. Talking about it, playing with it, designing it, implementing it, enacting it, assessing it. (So much so that I often find myself singing ‘Curricula, Curricular’ to the tune of ‘Spectacular, Spectacular‘.) I spend a good part of my working life looking at, and a large chunk of last year writing a book about, curriculum and its bedfellow: assessment. So I’m hugely excited about our inset day today, where I’m leading whole school CPD on curriculum.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that a school dedicates so much time to discussing what I consider to be the very heart of a school, but it is sadly true that curriculum has often taken a back seat in the face of data, pedagogy and behaviour. With limited time in schools for CPD – we prioritise; the choices we make here indicate to our staff and, consequently, our pupils what it is…

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