Tell Us About Your Blog (Or Somebody Else’s): The New Spreadsheet

The Echo Chamber

There is now a new spreadsheet of UK Education bloggers available here, based on the latest version of the list of bloggers.

If you are a blogger, please fill in and check your details. Even if you aren’t, any time you can spare to look up and fill in details of other people’s blogs would be very much appreciated.

A few notes:

The list, and the basis for inclusion, can be found here.

The information wanted is

  • Twitter Name: People are always asking me how to find their favourite bloggers on Twitter.
  • Gender: This should be M, F,  Unknown (intended for anonymous bloggers) and N/A (intended for group blogs).
  • Subject: This is intended to identify when a blogger mainly teaches one subject. If you teach many subjects (like most primary teachers) put “N/A”.
  • Role: As broad a description as possible. Preferably just Teacher/TA/Head/Consultant/SLT. No need to say if…

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