Was Gove only ‘Obeying Orders’?

Some interesting and controversial tweets by Dominic Cummings this afternoon:

He tweeted, that, in essence, Michael Gove did not want to take a confrontational line with teachers but he was encouraged to do so by David Cameron and his Downing Street Spads. DfE wanted Gove to build alliances outside Tory Party but Cameron and some of his Spads wanted education to be a party battleground. Michael Gove took the stance on education he did due to Cameron’s orders. Cummings said his team supported ‘non-party and cross party stuff’ but Cameron wanted it to be a political football. He tweeted: “Then when No10 finally realised error, DC of course didn’t say ‘I fkd up’ but ‘it’s all your fault’. But NB it was DC who ‘declared war'”

When I asked him to explain further he replied: “There’s confrontation over ideas – e.g has the exam system been devalued – and there’s party stuff. VERY different”


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