Trivium Schools Update September 2014

It is very exciting when a teacher approaches me and tells me about the work they are doing to implement some of the ideas from my book Trivium 21c into their ethos and practice at their school. As this has begun to happen more and more it got me thinking about ways I could help share these ideas as well as support schools who want to develop the trivium in their work. I would like to form a ‘loose’ network of schools and other institutions that have an interest in the trivium and the wider liberal arts. By joining the network I hope that schools will be able to develop connections with each other as well as an interesting range of institutions, teachers, practitioners, academics, researchers and writers who will be willing to share ideas and practical insights into enabling the trivium to make a difference to students. There are two ways to join the trivium network, the first way is to engage my services as a speaker and/or as a consultant during the coming year, advising on how the trivium might be embedded to inform good practice, this will entitle your institution to free membership of the network. The second way is to join the network either as an individual or as an institution and a membership fee will be payable. If you are interested in joining the network and/or inviting me as a speaker or advisor to your school please get in touch here. If you would like to keep in touch with developments and are on Facebook you can ‘like’ trivium 21c here and receive the latest information about the conferences, updates about the trivium schools network, and other items of interest.

8 thoughts on “Trivium Schools Update September 2014

  1. Hi Martin – I would also be very interested in the network – I am especially keen to explore creativity in schools, and also its place in the brave new educational landscape in which we are inhabiting!


  2. We’re definitely interested in how other schools implement Trivium ideology. Such a powerful tool if implemented rigorously and sensitively!


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