Curriculum and Culture: One of the major themes of Athena vs the Machine. A talk with slides, made during ‘lockdown’ and before I got a haircut…
A talk on Curriculum, in Chile, Oct ’19, based on some of the themes from Athena vs the Machine
Not a video, but a podcast with the lovely Phil Naylor, about
Curriculum: Athena vs the Machine
A video short, filmed after my keynote at the NACE National Conference: June 2019
Junior School Collaboration, April 2019: The Joined-Up Curriculum
ResearchEd Netherlands, January 2019: ‘Is Knowledge Enough?’
ResearchEd National Conference, September 2017: Growth Mindset, Has it Grown Too Far?
ResearchEd National Conference, September 2016: Arts and Assessment
(NB poor sound quality)
October 2015: A Creative Conversation with Martin Robinson and David Cameron
November 2014: ‘Teaching Character Education in Schools is a Waste of Time’ Panel Debate
June 2013. Discussing Trivium 21c
June 2013: The Medium is the Massage
June 2013: Why write Trivium 21c?