Get Kids Cultured

To be cultured means to nail one’s colours to the mast, and those who fear what’s arbitrary in that (and run to theory for protection) fear culture itself. Howard Jacobson The importance of tradition, the great tradition, is not that it is the only possibility but it is the best one that we have. For … More Get Kids Cultured

What Then?

When all kids have grit, what then? When every school is outstanding, what then? When every target is reached or surpassed, what then? When everyone’s mindset is switched to growth, what then? When all is meritocratic and we all get to where we ought to be, what then? When every twenty-first century skill has been … More What Then?

Schools, Business and ‘Providing Intelligence’

As April is the cruelest month I take a jaunt down by the river and see how things are progressing, so much building is going on, people moving in, putting plant pots on their balconies, and a bike on the nineteenth floor. Down on Greenwich Reach potential purchasers are promised property that combines: “…brilliant architecture, … More Schools, Business and ‘Providing Intelligence’

Mobile Phones for Life!

Twitter is awash with adults grabbing their mobile phones to tweet their outrage at the use of mobile phones by pupils in schools. There is evidence to prove student test scores can be improved if you ban mobile phones, the evidence “suggests that restricting mobile phone use can be a low-cost policy to reduce educational inequalities.” … More Mobile Phones for Life!