Sir Michael Wilshaw and his Moans

Sir Michael Wilshaw is concerned about the teacher ‘brain drain’ as teachers are attracted to work abroad in leading private schools that have set up overseas franchises. He is concerned about the staffing crisis in schools and he suggests that policy makers should look into providing ‘golden handcuffs‘ to ensure staff stay in the state sector for … More Sir Michael Wilshaw and his Moans

Teachers, ‘Cheating’ and ‘Selling’ Achievement

Does your school have a quasi ‘delivery unit’? If you’re not sure what this looks like or might be, a D.U. can be known by its actions. Do you have members of staff setting targets for other members of staff and also pupils to deliver? The delivery unit believes in continual improvement for the school: … More Teachers, ‘Cheating’ and ‘Selling’ Achievement

Curricula, Curricula!

Originally posted on Summer Turner:
I love curriculum. Talking about it, playing with it, designing it, implementing it, enacting it, assessing it. (So much so that I often find myself singing ‘Curricula, Curricular’ to the tune of ‘Spectacular, Spectacular‘.) I spend a good part of my working life looking at, and a large chunk of…

Our Rhetoric Roadmap

Originally posted on teacherhead:
Click to Download Yesterday we published this document, sending it out to parents. Since working with Martin Robinson on our Trivium-fueled curriculum, Rhetoric has been high on the agenda.  We appointed a Director of Spoken Literacy – Andrew Fitch, our 2 i/c in English – and he has produced some superb…

Tradition vs Progress: a True Dichotomy

Dichotomy: A division or contrast between two things that are or are represented as being opposed or entirely different OED I keep seeing references from people, too numerous to mention, that traditional and progressive can happily co-exist as, in reality, it is a false dichotomy. There is a problem in this argument and that is tradition … More Tradition vs Progress: a True Dichotomy

The Data Never Lies

The morning briefings seemed to be getting longer and longer, the Nescafé was colder than usual when it crept to a halt, Mr Bolt was not the only one running out of steam. There were three other old lags who had been there ‘in the old days’, their steamier days were also long since past. … More The Data Never Lies