Teaching Volkswagen…

And it all started so well… (sings) The people’s car is in deepest shit… (To the tune of the Red Flag, for fun…) Give us a test and we will find a way round it. The Telegraph reports that: “Executives at VW were accused of masterminding the emissions scandal from the company’s headquarters in Wolfsburg. The chain … More Teaching Volkswagen…

The Pupil’s Progress.

“Whoso beset him round With dismal stories Do but themselves confound…”  John Bunyan, Pilgrim’s Progress For the pupil, progress relies on hope, a belief in a journey towards a point of completion and an idea that ultimate salvation is just one more bit of effort away. This promised land, in which there  shall be ‘seraphims and cherubims’ … More The Pupil’s Progress.


The increasingly known academic Bernie Bolt, so named because his mother, Jenny Bolt, conceived him during a rather vigorous edition of The Golden Shot, was preparing his Tedx talk. He had been invited to speak at Tedx Blackpool on his ‘new’ academic discipline ‘Presentstory’. Interestingly he had conceived of this new discipline whilst looking at … More Presentstory

Deus Ex MOOC Machina

The machine marks an essay, it is unerringly accurate… the pupil has passed with a grade of 87.342%. The essay pointed out how machines were an essential part of our age. The essay argued how machines had freed people from a life of drudgery, of dirt, of degradation. The writing flowed with platitudes exhorting all … More Deus Ex MOOC Machina

Say No to Gifted and Talented and Embrace Enthusiasms

 Antonin Artaud  I was asked today what term I would use instead of gifted and talented, a phrase that I have always loathed, and I referred the questioner to my book Trivium 21c and, in particular, to page 139 where I wrote the following: Being Awake; Being Alive The theatre practitioner Antonin Artaud (1896-1948) had the … More Say No to Gifted and Talented and Embrace Enthusiasms