Some Questions About The Proposed College of Teaching

A college of teaching is to be set up to: “Protect standards and to raise the status of the teaching profession”. “Ms Morgan says she wants teaching to be seen as having a similar status as professions such as medicine and law. In a joint statement with Mr Laws, the education secretary says teaching is “almost … More Some Questions About The Proposed College of Teaching

On Character Education: A Response From Scotland

Gary Walsh who tweets here and is the Executive Officer for Character Scotland has asked if I would publish his response to my latest post on ‘character education‘. I have written three blogs specifically about character ed, if you’re interested, the other two can be found here:  Character Education Is A Waste Of Time Have We Got … More On Character Education: A Response From Scotland

Forget Character ‘Passports’ and Embrace Eudaimonia

This is the text of my talk at the National Conference of the SSAT on December 4th 2014:   There is a dichotomy at the heart of the discussion about character education: on the one side we have people who think we can mould people into a homogenous morass of compliant worker types who need … More Forget Character ‘Passports’ and Embrace Eudaimonia

Jesus Christ: The Nativity Play

This morning on the radio I heard tell of another Christmas tradition, that of the panic about the sullying of the traditional Christmas Nativity. Parents have been complaining that: ‘The traditional school nativity play is under pressure to modernise the story and remove religious figures’ and instead they see: ‘examples of characters such as spacemen, Elvis … More Jesus Christ: The Nativity Play